Flash pasteurisation System BECA®

Flash pasteurisation
System BECA®

Flash Pasteurization

The BECA flash pasteurisation and the short-term heating system ensures high quality requirements and product safety. The short-term heating and pasteurisation system BECA is not only a proven, but also a cost-effective method for improving biological stability. At the same time, flash pasteurisation is the safest method for eliminating primary infections.

ROI and your success:

Your success through economic efficiency and safety are our maxim. The short-term heating system BECA realises these reliably to your advantage with heat recovery rates of up to 97%.

Quality and product safety:

The short-time heating system BECA offers you a modern, innovative process technology with a specially optimized control method. In the optimal interaction of this process technology with the flexible and precise control of the pasteurisation units, it guarantees a constant thermal treatment, even with variable throughputs.

Pressure gradient protection of the short-term heating:

By using the booster pump between the preheater and heater of the flash pasteurizer, cross-contamination of the short-therm heating is avoided in the unlikely event of hairline cracks, i.e. reinfection of the cooling product.

Your at-a-glance benefits of using the flash pasteurisation System BECA®:

  • Optimized PU control of the flash pasteurization with flexible, special optimized control method to run different flow rates

  • Exact Ataption of the Flash Pasteurization to measrure your requirements

  • Heat and Energy Recovery up to 97%, avoiding a cooling chamber for the Flash Pasteurizer in option 
  • High reproducibility and control accuracy of the Flash Pasteurization
  • Avoiding the risk of contamination by keeping a positiv pressure difference at the Flash Pasteur
  • High Quality Hygenic Design and Sterile Processing using the BECA Flash Pasteurizer
  • High efficiency through heat recovery (> 96%) with reduced requirement for cooling
  • Absence of dead-legs. The BECA Flash Pasteurizer can be cleaned and sterilized inline by local CIP stations
  • The BECA Flash Pasteurizer offers easy menu-driven operation and saving of recipes 
  • Fully automatic flash pasteurizing and processing
  • Individual upgrading, modular design and adaptation of the flash pasteurizer design to your requirement

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Flash pasteurisation

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