S7 programming/TIA programming
S7 Programmierung bei BECA

S7 programming/TIA programming

27 years of automation of industrial plants and production lines with Siemens S5, Siemens S7, TIA-Portal, WINCC, Proleit, Braumat, incl. interface programming to third party controllers characterize our high experience and reliability. Your success and satisfaction are our maxim and belong to our daily tasks.

In the world of S7-CPUs we equip your new plant e.g. with the different versions of the SIMATIC S7-1500 and work out the S7-programming. We can modernize your existing plant from the S7-300, the S7-400 or even the S5 world by upgrading it to the S7-1500 and make it future-proof.

Source: https://assets.new.siemens.com

We replace older SIMATIC S7 HMIs with modern S7 HMIs. Be it in the course of a complete modernization of existing Siemens S5 components or the separate replacement of older SIMATIC S7 HMIs including S7 CPU by uptodate S7 HMIs.

Depending on the system and customer requirements, we carry out S7 programming in FBD programming or SCL programming. Step chains are realized with S7-Graph, existing programming e.g. is intrigued with S7-AWL.

Everything from one source. Optionally with or without Simatic S7 components, S7 programming, S7 commissioning and S7 documentation we create your uniform S7 control.

We are happy to support you with the commissioning of existing S7 programs / TIA programs or also take over the entire programming and commissioning of complete S7 projects / TIA projects worldwide.


Further Links

Helpful Links for Siemens S7-Programming and TIA-Programming

Examples of our services:

  • SIMATIC automation, S7 programming
  • TIA programming
  • Proleit, Braumat, WINCC project planning
  • Modern S7 CPUs
  • HMIs selected according to your needs
  • Modernization from S7 300/400 to S7 1500
  • Replacement of a Siemens S5 old system  
  • Visualization e.g. with TIA-Portal, WINCC flexible
  • Step chain programming (S7 graph)
  • S7 hardware and automation components
  • Control cabinets, control rooms and decentralized control systems
  • Programming of bus systems (Profinet, Profibus, MPI, ASI , Eternet etc.)
  • Product data tracking, recipe management with data storage on MMC
  • Telegram traffic between different controls
  • Integration of different operating panels  

We are at your service

Phone: +49.2622.922-260


Modern HMIs for cost savings through optimised operation and BECA PLC upgrade.





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