BECA® ist weltweit als Anlagenhersteller, Systemlieferant und Engineering-Unternehmen im Bereich der Brau-, Getränke-, Lebensmittel-, Pharma-, und Chemieindustrie tätig.

Your customers demand the best product quality by absolute purity. BECA®- Processplants serve the highest hygienic claims.

Blind-Spot-free, optimal inline- sterilization, low surface roughness, the hermetically closed processes, as well as the optional aseptic design, in conjunction with our high-quality experience in Beverage- and pharmaceutical processing will serve you to meet the demands of your costumers.

  • Your advantages of the dynamic cross-flow system BECA® at a glance:

    • Extraordinary increase in earnings by the BECA® dynamic cross-flow

    • Safe separation and high quality filtered media from the very first minute 

    • High density and dry matter of the retentate offers the BECA® dynamic cross-flow

    • Significant reduction in the amount of waste will be granted by the BECA® dynamic cross-flow

    • Extremely low energy consumption of the BECA® dynamic cross-flow

    • Low maintenance and reliable in production by running the BECA® dynamic cross-flow

    • Dead space-free and loss-free inline CIP cleaning and sterilization

    • Simplest, menu-driven operation with recipe storage 

    • The BECA® dynamic cross-flow is fully automized processing and accounting 

    • The BECA® dynamic cross-flow can anytime individual be adapted to your needs, easily modular expandable

    Dyn. Cross-Flow-Units System BECA® (filter aid free)

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