BECA® ist weltweit als Anlagenhersteller, Systemlieferant und Engineering-Unternehmen im Bereich der Brau-, Getränke-, Lebensmittel-, Pharma-, und Chemieindustrie tätig.

Your customers demand the best product quality by absolute purity. BECA®- Processplants serve the highest hygienic claims.

Blind-Spot-free, optimal inline- sterilization, low surface roughness, the hermetically closed processes, as well as the optional aseptic design, in conjunction with our high-quality experience in Beverage- and pharmaceutical processing will serve you to meet the demands of your costumers.

  • Flash Pasteurization

    Your at-a-glance benefits of using the flash pasteurisation System BECA®:

    • Optimized PU control of the flash pasteurization with flexible, special optimized control method to run different flow rates

    • Exact Ataption of the Flash Pasteurization to measrure your requirements

    • Heat and Energy Recovery up to 97%, avoiding a cooling chamber for the Flash Pasteurizer in option 
    • High reproducibility and control accuracy of the Flash Pasteurization
    • Avoiding the risk of contamination by keeping a positiv pressure difference at the Flash Pasteur
    • High Quality Hygenic Design and Sterile Processing using the BECA Flash Pasteurizer
    • High efficiency through heat recovery (> 96%) with reduced requirement for cooling
    • Absence of dead-legs. The BECA Flash Pasteurizer can be cleaned and sterilized inline by local CIP stations
    • The BECA Flash Pasteurizer offers easy menu-driven operation and saving of recipes 
    • Fully automatic flash pasteurizing and processing
    • Individual upgrading, modular design and adaptation of the flash pasteurizer design to your requirement

    Flash pasteurisation System BECA®

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